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Vapor Canopy


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  1. Vuzshura says:
    I think the most straight forward interpretation of the passage describes what we could call a water vapor canopy that encircled the Earth before the Great Flood. Rather than wondering if God changed atmospheric conditions to make a water vapor canopy possible, wouldn’t it make more sense to wonder if the collapse of the canopy caused the Earth’s atmosphere to change?
  2. Yozshur says:
    The canopy theory postulates that these "waters above the firmament" formed a canopy of water which protected the earth below and may have created a kind of greenhouse effect. The canopy theory usually suggests that it never rained until Noah's flood—that the canopy provided needed moisture for the earth.
  3. Akinoshicage says:
    One of the most common theories among young earth creationists is that the original earth possessed a water canopy consisting of vapor (most common interpretation) or ice that surrounded the earth above the troposphere and potentially up through the stratosphere.
  4. Gokree says:
    The "vapor canopy hypothesis" states that before the flood, the water existed in the atmosphere as water vapor. The flood occurred when this vapor condensed and fell as rain, flooding the earth. The flood subsided later, various explanations being given for where all that.
  5. Kedal says:
    Computer modeling of a vapor canopy have shown that it is extremely effective as a thermal blanket, causing global warming. In fact, a canopy of significant size would result in extreme temperatures on Earth. This is a matter of ongoing creationist climate research.
  6. Muran says:
    The Waters Above: Earth’s Pre-Flood Vapor Canopy, by Joseph C. Dillow. Chicago: Moody, Pp. $ Chicago: Moody, Pp. $ Christian scholarship owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Joseph C. Dillow and to Moody Press for this magnificent analysis of the biblical and scientific evidence for the vast vapor canopy of.
  7. Banris says:
    Jan 02,  · If such a vapor canopy were to collapse into rain, it would literally cook the entire planet. This is because when water converts from vapor to liquid, energy or latent heat is released in the process, causing the surrounding area to heat up; this is known as an exothermic result.
  8. Dok says:
    The vapor canopy model of the flood is truly one to be reckoned with. Here, scientists of various disciplines engage in scientific speculation whether this model would be possible. From meterologist to hydrologist to engineer, the evidence in most cases stacks up well with the scientific evidence that we now see and explore.
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